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  • Regular Expressions are Better - Regular Expressions are Better Than Programming and Here’s Why The general premise is that Regular Expressions allow users to do incredibly powerful data manipulation without writing a single line of code. Teaching kids anyone to code is less valuable than teaching them regular expressions, or regex. Many modern editors support regular expressions by default, but the benefits aren’t felt by most people. What are regular expressions? Regular Expressions are patterns you can pass into most modern editors to support finding and replacing text with much more power and options than just looking for a bunch of characters and replacing them…

  • Twilio Abroad - When I moved abroad, I decided to keep my US number.

  • On Accountability - The desire to do things is needs based, not goals based, so as I get closer to achieving a goal it becomes harder for me to actually achieve it.

  • Growing Wasabi at Home - Wasabi is a close relative to horseradish, and a cousin to broccoli which is used culinary in Japan. If you’ve ever had sushi, sashimi (sliced, raw fish), or soba noodles (cold, buckwheat noodles) then you’ve probably had some green paste along with it.

  • My Mext Scholarship Adventure Part 2 - May 2019 was a very active month for me. The MEXT scholarship application was due at the end of the month, and I hadn’t done much in preparation at the start.

  • My Mext Scholarship Adventure Part 1 - I am a recipient of the MEXT Scholarship, usually referred to as “the MEXT”. The MEXT is the Japanese government’s ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Each year they offer scholarships to students all over the world